Monday, September 6, 2010

cosmic disaster in a plateful of moons.

cosmic disaster in a plateful of moons.
gazing stars upon rune after rune..
she holds the torch
the torch between the light..
say,how about that adventurous  plight?

asteroid belts in collision.
speeding belts of division...
he who knows nothing.
nothing of the sun..
how,how did u come undone?

travel through time abide.
space confines all in stride..
they do not see
see who they are to be..
when will we be free?

mikly way summaries
jupiter curries
she who loves the flowers
flowers of a different garden..
how will she be  saved. that maiden?

super star arcades
galaxy esacapades
he sits up on the tree
the tree of goodwill
will he fall right downhill?

painting of a sunny picture
baffled planets in a swirm of another
they hold the keys
the keys to the portal
how will you hold on, all you mortals?
watch.learn.drift.float. here.

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