Thursday, January 14, 2010

selfless selfishness..

i wish the wind could carry
all the songs it sings to me..
and that the rain would marry
all the honey bees!

if we only understood
if they only knew, we could
the power lies not within you..
why do i not see it like you do?

she said it holds us all
right to the core...beyond the fall
if i could hold my head up high..
long enough to beat the *sigh*

he claimed it sees right through us
changing our souls, all over the fuss...
what can you declare?
the world yet seems unfair..

beauty,trees and all that grace...
won't tear me away from that face..
it sinks,it melts,it thuds like a drum..
fuming rage all over that bubblegum!

it is simple. very comprehendible.
connect and be liable.
see through it or dont see at all..
please, just dont break my fall..