Tuesday, July 13, 2010

no, there's nothing you can do.

and then.it stops.it just waits.
silently lashing feasting on the bait.
like scum,and gum and all things numb
it spears your insides with its giant thumb.

what do you want? 
do you not have enough to flaunt?
whom do you need?
do you even know how to plant the seed?

it braces you with all its rage
makes you wonder what's on the next page
pours out its soulless pride
makes you want to run and hide

are you even sure?
who says you have the cure?
do you know the difference?
between a white & yellow ostrich?

it capers with your mind
until you know not what to find.
it writhes into your veins
lets you feel its pain.

its not my call,
i didn't predict the fall..
this mighty beast inflicts on us all 
its unruly leash..like an enormous quiche! 

its amusing. to watch the show.
the tough part is:: just letting go
it will entrap you.cut and stew you.
sway on.you will only loose you.

and.no, there's nothing you can do.



  1. wht was is not u were there they forgot no time to sit and rot time to see wht u got the world is ur play ground

  2. Interesting work. Almost like the beginning is the end. Thanks for sharing. Shael