Monday, August 24, 2009

pray they don't fall...

we feel their pain

and do all we can to keep 'em sane..

the anger and animosity is judged by all..

still,we pray they dont fall..

we've been there,underground

we wish they'd just be found..

the anguish and desire rushes to the surface..

blow it all away with a kiss..

we hope and bleed

and swore they sowed the seed..

what fruit will they reap?

we can see much more beneath..

they fall, we lead

they burn, we breathe

we have wisdom to feed...

they must accept the deed.

we watch them learn

and grow in turn..

still, we pray they dont fall..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

silent retreat...

well, since i live rather close to pondi now, i thought i might as well take a visit. i was just lost and lifted to places a little beyond happiness... for all of you who love art and peace and treesss.. and winding roads..and other heavenly things.. auroville and pondicherry are a must see...:) starbless!


the color in this place just takes you to a different time all together

just got carried away wiht the doors and windows!! simply fabulous!

umm..i just had to add this one.i lyk.

love this picture for some strange reason..

more windows....

and doors...

Life is life - whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference
there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human
conception for man's own advantage.

-Sri Aurobindo

the 'sri aurobindo' ashram is ummm..silent. how do i define it?
you just have to see it for
unfortunately pictures weren't allowed to be taken inside
and around here.

now i know the true meaning of 'being'....

Thursday, August 6, 2009


with all that, i made these...

i did this with a needle and thread by hand. but i think its pretty cool
and im going to convert somehow into machine embroidery...

ok.this is a birthday card for my grandmother.

add some clay and trims to an old plastic cup and u have a super-cool pencil holder!
it was fun making this one. believe me! =)

the nightie!

so. as today is my grandmother's birthday, i decided to buy her a 'nightie'
(long dress you wear to sleep) ....and look what i stumbled upon!
i fell in love with it. ahem. and wore it to work today.
yes. i was laughed at and had to justify myself innumerable times.
i'm still wearing it btw. =) and i dont care what they think! hhhhmmpphhh!
my poor nightie.

couple of shirts i made...

i checked this out on wgsn in fact..n wondered what it would look like..
so,i made it! not bad eh?
the only discussion is 'how do we put the buttons at the back?!?'

relaxed over-shirts....
they're so comfortable and cozy-your never going to want to take 'em off...
i love the grey one.

this ones an interesting story... just an ordinary blue shirt whiling away its time...
was picked up by one of the workers in the dyeing and washing factory...
he worked and worked all day,all night...till all he had to do was done...
took off the shirt as the home-bell rang and let it lay...just astray..

i walked along the factory path...for new developments to veiw..
lost and crumpled on the distant floor... something got my attention..
i found it! just the shirt i was looking for! perfect. but it can never be made again. :(

well,unless i have to go about asking my factory workers for their clothes! lol...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

style-file :P

'we don't dress according to the weather-rather the mood'

love the glasses nikh's wearin...he struggled to get 'em for months! a friend finally got him a pair from the states. about the striped tees. totally coincidental.nice. rad has a tendancy of wearing cute funny 'em none the less. :)

lila-the diva.that was her birthday outfit.chic. nikh n nidhi looked perfect together that night-chimera'08. oooooo. i love that dress.bought it from a market in delhi. was the first time ive ever been to delhi and shopped from a 'market'! was facinating and incredibly cool.

this is fun. workin with seventeen made us feel younger than we were.
it was nice to 'dress-up' thinking that.

'i love clothes. i love my friends. love it even more-when they come together!'

aakk!! my irrational obsession with edward cullen! lol..

skin as cold as ice
eyes so intense they look through your soul
a face-pale as if dead
yet.the smile of a god.

touch-lights a spark
feel the whiff of a scent so crazy
closer-don't breathe.don't move.

feel the rush flow through your veins
throw yourself into the sky.fall.
keep falling.

a binding grip breaks the fall.
freeze.lay still.
the wind seeps by-sound of crisp autumn leaves
stay still.intense.stare.

tibetan dreams....

tea-plantations...somewhere near dharamshala
was one of our best days...the clouds,sky and trees were in perfect sync.

walking down the street- mcleod ganj
was really nice-we would buy cookies and cake from the only store that was open after 9pm! and walk back to our hotel. it was also really really cold.

we sat here for about half an hour just looking at the landscape. its my favorite picture.
i wanted to run though the fields but then decided otherwise.

norbulinga monastery
i eventually got obsessed with these. and bought a set home which is now hanging about my room. my mom hates them. but she'll have to deal with it i guess. :P

the graveyard- st.john's church
there was a strange satisfying feeling about this place. we felt calm and secure. and wanted to be there for as long as we could.

sudden winds brush against my cheek
it's so simple to be meek

gushing diamonds over rocks
feels like its opened up all of the locks

the frost on my nose
disappears with one glimpse of that rose

hot black tea all through my spine
makes my toes tingle and the mountains mine

the skies like heavens; watching over us
how i wish i could miss that bus

its so inviting this special place
so slow,so calm, such an awesome pace

soft music in the distance
reminds me of another time..
i do not wish to go back to yet- that rhyme