Saturday, August 1, 2009

style-file :P

'we don't dress according to the weather-rather the mood'

love the glasses nikh's wearin...he struggled to get 'em for months! a friend finally got him a pair from the states. about the striped tees. totally coincidental.nice. rad has a tendancy of wearing cute funny 'em none the less. :)

lila-the diva.that was her birthday outfit.chic. nikh n nidhi looked perfect together that night-chimera'08. oooooo. i love that dress.bought it from a market in delhi. was the first time ive ever been to delhi and shopped from a 'market'! was facinating and incredibly cool.

this is fun. workin with seventeen made us feel younger than we were.
it was nice to 'dress-up' thinking that.

'i love clothes. i love my friends. love it even more-when they come together!'

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  1. haha such madness is hapenin in all of these pictures~