Saturday, August 1, 2009

tibetan dreams....

tea-plantations...somewhere near dharamshala
was one of our best days...the clouds,sky and trees were in perfect sync.

walking down the street- mcleod ganj
was really nice-we would buy cookies and cake from the only store that was open after 9pm! and walk back to our hotel. it was also really really cold.

we sat here for about half an hour just looking at the landscape. its my favorite picture.
i wanted to run though the fields but then decided otherwise.

norbulinga monastery
i eventually got obsessed with these. and bought a set home which is now hanging about my room. my mom hates them. but she'll have to deal with it i guess. :P

the graveyard- st.john's church
there was a strange satisfying feeling about this place. we felt calm and secure. and wanted to be there for as long as we could.

sudden winds brush against my cheek
it's so simple to be meek

gushing diamonds over rocks
feels like its opened up all of the locks

the frost on my nose
disappears with one glimpse of that rose

hot black tea all through my spine
makes my toes tingle and the mountains mine

the skies like heavens; watching over us
how i wish i could miss that bus

its so inviting this special place
so slow,so calm, such an awesome pace

soft music in the distance
reminds me of another time..
i do not wish to go back to yet- that rhyme

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