Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the space album

do you see what i see?
Crowded atmosphere 
 a new beginning ^^


  1. first one is about transformation in consciousness if im right...

    2nd one is really crowded...tho the stars n the swirls are tryin to make a sense out of it...

  2. plus i wud love to kno ur views on it...tnx

  3. ohh yes! you got that right!! :)
    although, for the second one.. it merely states that the atmosphere is going to get really crowded soon.. and im not even sure what we'll be able to see..its going to be chaotic before it gets to clear skies.. which is the next one :P

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  5. somehow i felt tat it was the wall of ur manori home..wer u sit on your fav spot n watch the sunset; take in the air from the colorful surrounding..