Friday, June 18, 2010

divine contradiction.summer's grey invention.

white light.heaven sent wrath.
his heart.her eyes.
emotionless breath.sweet as death.
divine contradiction.summer's grey invention

lost in the haze of an absurd intervention.
her mind can't swallow,none but a dozen.
anxious fear. a losing tear.
his hands can't hold but another 'dear'

springily shallow.ripen the meadows.
flow through the shadows.
there's no tomorrow.

her blissful sigh.his over-whelming smile.
wash up to the core.the earths friendly no more.
save up all the rest.yet to pass the test.
blue crushed ice, happy without mice.

this summer's moon.big red balloon.
hollow tree runes. collect them by noon.
a sad fuzzy rabbit.not in tune with the planet.
his dreams.her soul.misinterpreted in a minute.

divine contradiction.
it's only summer's grey invention.~

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