Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If you stop.

sometimes, it all feels okay
other times, you dont know quite where you've landed

when you're sitting here,
and the world moves around you so fast..
all you can really do is move along.
go with the flow....

if you stop,even for a moment
you feel.you breathe.you know.
then, life gets hard.
life gets hard,coz you know its more than just this.

it stuns you. your be-dazzled at the creation of human life
and how the world refuses to believe in anything but themselves.
if you stop, you'll see.
you'll see much more than what its meant to be

sometimes, you think you know what your doing
other times,  you float through the sky

if you stop, if you ever stop
you'll fall, you'll fall so hard..
coz you'll face the truth.
the truth, no matter how brutal,is stilll the truth.

do you want to see
how will you ever be
if you stop, 
you'll loose the battle
the battle for joy, the battle for love,the battle for survival

stop, u must,coz' you need to see
stop you mustn't,coz' you need to believe.

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